wtorek, 26 czerwca 2012

Pop- up book "Ołowiany Żołnierzyk"

Pop-up book "Ołowiany Żołnierzyk"
Mój Dyplom w Pracowni Projektowania Grafiki Przestrzennej i Plakatu
Promotor Prof. Sławomir Iwański
Wielkie podziękowania za zdjęcia i video dla Maćka Stempija i Damiana Majcherka

It is a story about a very special soldier. He has only one leg. Beautiful dancer loves him. One day he falls out the window. Children place him in the boat, which flows into the by channels to lake. Big fish swallows the Soldier, then these animal goes to the market. The cook of the house where he lived before the adventure, just buy the fish and finds him inside. Soldier and the dancer be brought to a red-hot fireplace. By accident, dancer falls into fire. The brave soldier jumps to save her. Fortunately, the boy pulled them both, saving them from melting. From now on, figurines standing on a joint base. This is a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but it has a softer finish.

6 komentarzy:

  1. swietnie sie prezentuje! taka ksiazke milo by bylo miec na polce :)

  2. rewelacyjna ,jestem pod wielkim wrażenie, gratuluje pomysłu i wykonania!!!

  3. To jest niesamowite! Gratuluję talentu, precyzji, niesamowite!

  4. Świetna dbałość o detale. Gratulujemy dyplomu.

  5. Beautiful story. Remember my childhood, fairy tale "Flint" the same way made. Where I can buy it?